Sunday, 19 January 2014

Healing Rain (Rain Trilogy #2)

Author: Karen-Anne Stewart
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mystery
Rating: 4/5

Note: The trilogy is for 18+ readers only!

Anyone who read Saving Rain COULDN'T miss the second installment. It's not really a spoiler alert but still THEY FINALLY GOT MARRIED! Yipee!!!

Horrible people are still trafficking women and our dedicated officers are working tirelessly to stop them, the horrible ex-boyfriend has gone on a full on psycho creepy stalker mode, adopted father on a full on A-hole mode, A LOVE TRIANGLE (well not really, just an officer having feelings for Raina) and mental breakdown. All in all Rain Trilogy's second installment is gonna keep your eyes glued on the screen or the page depending on the format.

Now the negatives. Kas gifts Raina a bracelet which kind of symbolizes their life together for her birthday. Fifty Shades of Grey? Once that thought entered my mind, I couldn't not draw parallels between the two. More than once some of the scenes seemed very Fifty especially the climax which I won't reveal. Secondly, how come everyone loves Raina? Somehow everyone found Raina to be very likeable and couldn't help but be mesmerized by her gazzilion talents. No bitchiness among ladies, no tensions with in-laws, nothing. I just can't think of any person who is loved by all (well of course except her adopted father who unreasonably and vehemently hates her). Just too opposite and too extreme. Aside from that great read!

Arushi Raj

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