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Why do we watch sucky movie adaptations of books?

Adaptations rarely do justice to books but if you like a book, you don't want it to end ever and the adaptations are just a way to keep in touch with the story.

Arushi Raj

Stay a while in Ruby Lake (Ruby Lake #3)

Author: Sherrill Willis
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Romance

Stay a While, the eccentric coffee house is something that we all need. 

Happiness is not a destination. It is a mood, it is not permanent. It comes and goes and if people thought that way then maybe people would find happiness more often.
- Julian
One Tree Hill

This quote pretty much sums it. The life goes on and so does the good and bad moments. In this book we get a closer look in the character of Annie. 

Most of the times those people who are most bitchy and angry are the ones who are most sad and lonely.
- Arushi Raj

This quote pretty much sums up Annie. This book is a really good take on life and it doesn't matter if you are a teen or old, you can really relate to it.

Arushi Raj

A wedding in the Ruby Lake (Ruby Lake #2)

Author: Sherrill Willis
Genre: Romance
Rating: 4/5

I think it's pretty obvious but yes they are marrying! And, and, and a new romance is brewing. Illana, who was basically a flat character in the first novel has become kinda the second protagonist. On a personal note: I LOVE HER HAIR. Great characters and a make-you-crazy cliffhanger (Thank God I already had the third book ready). Please don't read it before going to sleep. It will keep you up with various scenarios running in your head or if you already have the third book then you will just start reading it and miss your beauty sleep, Like ME :-( 

The story seemed a little hectic at times as if trying to squeeze lots of stuff in very less time but all in all "A MUST READ".

Arushi Raj

Ruby Lake

Author: Sherrill Willis
Rating: 3.5/5
Genre: Romance, chick lit, humour

When I saw Ruby Lake with a cozy cottage as cover page photo I knew this would be one of those getting out of fast pace city life and understanding the importance of things more than work story. And it was. Big City girl come to small isolated region dejected and cynical and is shocked by the culture change. She found the love she was searching for all her life and there were rainbows and butterflies.....not. This book doesn't get over with the girl rushing into the arms of the small town good guy and kissing him with gorgeous music playing in the background. It's about what happens after that. All the ups and downs. All the sweet moments and fights. And of course the dreaded "EX". The book is surprisingly not cliche while being a cliche.

We all are cynical at times. People are rude and people are mean. They judge and they will love nothing more than see you fail. The saddest part is, it is true. But for the sake of sanity we need books like Ruby Lake to keep the candle of home glowing. So get in your blankie, grab hot chocolate and read this damn book and everything would be better.

Arushi Raj 

Ruby Lake Series

Sherrill Willis is the author of the much loved Ruby Lake series. Ruby Lake is the first book which was published originally in 2011, but was re-released after being professionally edited in 2013. 

The second novel in the series, A Wedding in Ruby Lake, was released on 8/16/12, and the third, Stay A While in Ruby Lake, was released on 12/12/13. Sherrill lives in northern Wisconsin with her two sons, and - in addition to writing which is her passion - enjoys reading, meeting friends for coffee and loves talking to her readers!! 

ruby lake series blast

sherrill willis

ruby lake #1

Sydney Myers has been through several failed relationships in the past year, in addition to several other trauma's, and is now giving up on finding her knight in dented armor. When her boss sends her to Ruby Lake, a small, rural town in northern Wisconsin, the last thing she was looking for was love at first sight, not to mention a place in the world where she finally fits. Add in her city-savvy best friend, a jealous ex-girlfriend, a famous father, and a coffee shop full of off-the wall characters, and it becomes more challenging for Sydney to manage than a spinning plate competition.
When disaster strikes close to home, Sydney is left with the unbearable choice of her family, or the life she has always dreamed of. Come with Sydney on her journey and laugh, cry and rediscover why some choices are not really choices at all, they are simply fate.

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“Really? What were you doing about twenty minutes ago? And don’t tell me you were thinking, I know what your ‘thinking’ face is. Besides, we’re leaving Saturday, and we are staying at the hotel until then so it’s not like I am going to get a chance at him anyway. I was just commenting on how cute he is.” Illana folded her arms over her chest and stuck her chin out at Sydney. “At least I’m honest about it, unlike some people.”
“What do you want me to say?” Sydney threw her arms up in frustration. “Yes, I think Zeke is hot, like burn-me-at-the-stake kind of hot. The man brought me a perfect cup of coffee while I was sleeping. Who does that? I almost spilled my coffee this afternoon when Betty told me he called her to find out how I like my coffee. So, yeah, I want him. How could I not? I mean, the only thing that would make him sexier is a gold-hoop earring! My heart does jumping jacks whenever he walks into the room,” At Illana’s wide-eyed look, Sydney said, “and he’s standing right behind me, isn’t he?”
“Yeah, but don’t stop now, especially if you’re going to do jumping jacks,” Zeke said, leaning against the door jam and wearing a very satisfied grin. 

a wedding in ruby lake #2

A Wedding in Ruby Lake finds Sydney Myers and Zeke Greyson planning the perfect wedding, only to receive several unexpected, but not unwanted, houseguests. Illana Garet, Sydney’s city-savvy best friend, decides to come rather unexpectedly as does Zeke’s friend Tyler Shepard. They both arrive just in time to be embroiled into a new threat which proves to be far more dangerous than anyone at first had believed. The attraction between Alex, Zeke’s brother, and Illana deepens and Illana finds it hard to keep her well-maintained defenses in place. Annie “Attila the bun” Greyson is also back, but with a few surprises of her own.
From the meddling ladies at the local coffee shop, the Stay a While, to the machinations of a psychopath, A Wedding in Ruby Lake is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and a few new characters to get to know. Join the Ruby Lake gang as they find out, mostly the hard way, that sometimes walls need to be torn down in order for a better foundation to be built.

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Illana walked quickly into her room and grabbed her black clutch purse, opening it to drop her cell phone in it. She checked her hair, red tipped today, and makeup one last time in the mirror above the dresser and then walked out the door, pulling it shut quietly so as not to wake the other houseguest. Turning around, she ran smack into his chest.
“Ow, hi, I didn’t hear you get up. Did we wake you?” she asked, her face turning pink as she looked at Tyler.
“No, I’ve been up for hours actually,” Tyler said, crossing his arms and leaning against the wall. “Just so you know, my heart has already been spoken for. But if it wasn’t, you’d be very fun to chase…and catch.”
Illana felt a pang of disappointment, and a wave of relief. “Ha, like you’d catch me to begin with. I never date men who are prettier than me.”

stay a while in ruby lake #3

After a shooting incident—which left Sydney Greyson and her new sister-in-law, Annie Greyson, injured—the residents of Ruby Lake now face more difficulties than ever before. Sydney is left trying to navigate a new marriage and the upcoming arrival of her twins, while dealing with the fear that shadows her every waking moment. Annie is coming to terms with a life drastically different than the one she had hoped for, and makes some painful decisions regarding who will be in her life and who she must let go. Illana Garet will have to make some tough choices, and will gain and lose much during the process. Meanwhile, the women at the local coffee shop, the Stay a While, will do everything in their power to keep everyone’s spirits up, amid much laughter and love.
None of the members of the close-knit group in Ruby Lake will be left unscathed in the upcoming events that will shape them all. Come with them to celebrate the joys and grieve the losses that touch us all. Join them to find out why so many choose to Stay a While in Ruby Lake.

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“Stop yelling, I’m awake, for goodness sake,” Diana said, pulling her fancy new earbuds out of her ears.
Illana sat down, one hand on her chest. “You usually hear the door open, your face was so peaceful, I thought…”
Diana put a hand on Illana’s knee. “I know what you thought, and it is coming. I hope you don’t do that when I do go. When I go home, there won’t be any more pain. You must be brave, my girl, you must. There are so many things I want to say, do, see with you. I want to dance, I want to sing more songs, but we are running out of time. I want to say I love you a thousand more times, so much so it will soak into your skin and stain it. So you will have it forever.”


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Out of Focus (An Adams Grove Novel)

Desolation: Stories

The Grimm Chronicles, Vol. 3

Across the Creek (Jesse & Sarah #1)

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (A Niki Slobodian Novel: Book 1)

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Deep in the Heart

Pieces of Truth (Pieces of Lies 2)

Faking Mr. Right

As the Twig is Bent: A Matt Davis Mystery (The Matt Davis Mystery Series)

Pieces of Lies

All The Pieces (Pieces of Lies 3)

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Tears of Endurance (Romantic Drama) Book #1

The Broken

A Clash of Honor (Book #4 in the Sorcerer's Ring)

A Quest of Heroes (Book #1 in the Sorcerer's Ring)

Suspicions with Murder (A Rilynne Evans Mystery, Book Four)

Turned (Book #1 in the Vampire Journals)

A Feast of Dragons (Book #3 in the Sorcerer's Ring)

Confused (Getting Inside of V - Book 2)

No Worries Have A Curry

Save Angelina

A Story of Us

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Seven, eight ... Gonna stay up late (Rebekka Franck #4)

Black Flagged (Black Flagged Series)

Horror Stories from Denmark Box set

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My top 10 Kas

1. Gabriel Macht
Harvey of Suits can really wear a Suit. His cocky attitude and boyish smile is one of the many reason why people can't avert their eyes from screen. He is 41, vegetarian, practices green living and is married.

2. Ian Harding
Mr. Fitz of Pretty Little Liar is currently ruling every teens' heart. He is 27, very close to Kas' age and is originally from Germany. As of now he is supposedly single, hard to believe but *shrugging*

3. Josh Duhamel
Fergie's husband. He is 41 and a Roman Catholic, very close to Kas' faith. He is of French-Canadian, Irish, English, German and Norwegian ancestry. He is the reason why I watched Las Vegas for 5 years!

4. Jensen Ackles
The Bad Boy, tough Hunter of Supernatural. He is 35 and married and his eyes will make your heart melt!

5. Jackson Hurst
Just 3 episodes. That's all it took. 3 episodes of Unforgettable and I was literally begging to let him be in the series as one of the leads but sadly it didn't happen. He is 34 and engaged.

6. Imran Khan
He is Indian American, 31 and married. He is one of the most good looking, popular and stylish celebrity of India and is also a social activist.

7. Leandro Lima
He is a Brazilian model turned actor who is starring in a Brazilian soap opera. I can't find any other info on him but he is one of the most delicious Kas contender.

8. Lucas Bryant
Nathan of Haven is charming and Oh-so-cute! He is 35, Canadian-American and married.

9. Torrance Coombs 
He is 30, Canadian and Single who too was in Haven but only for one episode but is more popularly remembered for his role in The Tudors.

10. Adam Levine
The lead Singer of Maroon 5 and amazing musician and singer. Why is he on the list aside from the fact he is the sexiest man alive 2013? Because he acted in American Horror Story: Asylum. So technically he can be considered for casting. He is 34 and engaged.

Arushi Raj

Healing Rain (Rain Trilogy #2)

Author: Karen-Anne Stewart
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mystery
Rating: 4/5

Note: The trilogy is for 18+ readers only!

Anyone who read Saving Rain COULDN'T miss the second installment. It's not really a spoiler alert but still THEY FINALLY GOT MARRIED! Yipee!!!

Horrible people are still trafficking women and our dedicated officers are working tirelessly to stop them, the horrible ex-boyfriend has gone on a full on psycho creepy stalker mode, adopted father on a full on A-hole mode, A LOVE TRIANGLE (well not really, just an officer having feelings for Raina) and mental breakdown. All in all Rain Trilogy's second installment is gonna keep your eyes glued on the screen or the page depending on the format.

Now the negatives. Kas gifts Raina a bracelet which kind of symbolizes their life together for her birthday. Fifty Shades of Grey? Once that thought entered my mind, I couldn't not draw parallels between the two. More than once some of the scenes seemed very Fifty especially the climax which I won't reveal. Secondly, how come everyone loves Raina? Somehow everyone found Raina to be very likeable and couldn't help but be mesmerized by her gazzilion talents. No bitchiness among ladies, no tensions with in-laws, nothing. I just can't think of any person who is loved by all (well of course except her adopted father who unreasonably and vehemently hates her). Just too opposite and too extreme. Aside from that great read!

Arushi Raj

Legacy of a Dreamer

Author: Allie Jean
Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Supernatural
Rating: 4/5

I know over time we have all gotten accustomed to Bad Good protagonists especially when the book has supernatural element but this book takes us back to basics - a strong and kind "Dreamer" and her Sword Yielding son of a Fallen Angel who looks after her. The book did have some violent and macabre scenes but they were more like dark classic paintings than sickening and gut wrenching depictions hence I didn't mark this for adult only. Well that and because I believe that there are many teenagers out there who can truly connect with the book.

The writer did a wonderful job in bringing the words to life. Chantal had a crappy childhood and then a crappy adolescence in foster care. Now she is eighteen and out in the big wide world and she determined to make something of herself. In a way she is lucky, not every foster child gets scholarship in NYU but the fact that she is haunted by gory nightmares and is living in shady neighbourhood doesn't really feel all-that-lucky. No worries, there is a hot guy who is very kind and very tough who is gonna take care of her, after all it's a Romance Novel.

Since the book does deal with angels it shouldn't be a surprise that Bible, Holy Spirit, Priests and Nuns are involved. I am an Atheist but I do find religious backdrops in the story very interesting until and unless it's preachy. However there might be readers out there who don't like religion in fiction or don't like to read fictions dealing with religions other than theirs. So if you are one of them you can very well avoid this book though it is a great read and I will strongly recommend giving it a try.

I found the idea really unique and thankfully it was executed well. Creatures coming out of shadows may sound like a child's nightmare but my, my, it will make even grownups looking apprehensively at shadows. I am just rambling but one of the evil-knievel after Chantal's life is Damon. I just cannot hate anyone with the name Damon nor can any other TVD fan so even though I didn't really fell in love with him but I so couldn't hate him. If any other reader has an issue of not being able to hate someone who is hunting the protagonist, there is nothing wrong with you, blame TVD.

Arushi Raj

Free e-books

Breaking TWIG

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead (A Niki Slobodian Novel: Book 3)

Lily's Reprieve (The Blackstone Trilogy)

Children's book: Ado in the Meadow (Inspiring children's books collection)

The Gypsy's Dream

Earth's Survivors Book One: Rising From The Ashes

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The importance of a systematic approach to marketing

The importance of a systematic approach to marketing
Author of “Marketing as a Business System”

Marketing has long been valued as a critical part of a company’s operation. However, many companies treat marketing as a simple functional unit, akin to human resources, accounting or purchasing. While marketing definitely is a function in the traditional sense, in 2013, the most competitive companies realize that a company-wide approach to marketing is necessary to satisfy demanding customers.
Marketing as a Business System” is an eBook that presents the case for getting all departments and employees involved in the process of acquiring and keeping customers. A complete marketing process begins with market research, and continues through solution development, promotion, customer service and relationship management.
Marketing as a Business System” is intended to serve as a guide book to all of the key elements and roles in a systematic marketing approach. It touches on important areas of consideration if for organizations that operate with a customer-centric mentality.
Technology has definitely changed the way in which companies attract and retain customers. Guess work and hunches may still have a place, but data analysis and computer-based guidance on targeting the right customers in the right way is the essence of 21st century marketing.

With more companies competing for a select group of customers, your ability to attract, satisfy and retain customers is not only important, but necessary for long-term profitability and customer loyalty.

Don't forget to check out his book Marketing as a Business System.

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My Brother My Rival

Cody Garrett, a former Navy SEAL, has never met a skirt he didn’t fancy. His six-pack, rugged looks and bad boy image ensures a steady stream of hot babes waiting to slip him their phone numbers wherever he goes. So, he is confused when Bridie Barker refuses to go on a date with him.  It’s not like she’s a stunning beauty or something. According to him, her ears are big, she’s well-rounded and she’s not even a D-cup.
In spite of her shortcomings, the more she pushes him away, the more he finds himself thinking of her.
Twenty-year-old Bridie Barker has control issues. Every detail in her life is planned.
Her closet is color-coded and she has an array of storage containers, to ensure that everything is in its correct place.
Her whole world is black and white, and grey areas are a no-no.

When she meets the warm and grounded Scott Garrett, she thinks she has found her soul mate. Unfortunately, and to her disappointment, things don’t pan out with Scott.
While waiting tables, she has a disastrous run-in with his brother, Wild Boy Cody Garrett, King of Body Shots, who parties every night with a different girl.
Even though he’s good to look at and makes her laugh, she turns down his advances as he’s clearly the tag-and-release kind of guy.
Besides, she is pretty sure he owns not a single storage container, and she’s certain that his closet is not color-coded.
Problem is, Cody Garrett finds her rejection an aphrodisiac and pursues her.
Series – books one and two both available for purchase
Author – Eve Rabi
Genre – Modern Day Romance
Publication Date – August 29, 2013

my brother, my rival by eve rabi



My urge to destroy returned with a vengeance. I turned my Hummer around.
“Where you going to, Cody?” my mother demanded, her voice frantic.
I didn’t answer, but hit the gas and gunned the Hummer toward Bridie’s old place.
“Cody, where are you going?” my dad demanded.
I stared ahead as I floored it.
“Cody, just stop!” Jenna said. “I know where you’re going! You stop right now, Cody!”
Ignoring all their pleas, I drove on until I pulled up into the parking lot outside Bridie’s old place.
Just in time – I spotted her standing outside Scott’s Roadster in the parking lot.
Scott was still in the driver’s seat, talking on his phone.
I braked and without killing the engine, I hopped out of my Hummer.
Within seconds, my family was running behind me, pleading with me to leave them alone.
Bridie spotted me first. “Cody!” she mouthed, fear in her eyes.
I picked up a brick from the side of the road and walked toward Scott.
“Cody!” Bridie screamed. “What are you doing? STOP!”
I ignored her and walked over to my brother. I was going to smash his skull with the brick until his brains lay all over his Roadster.
His window was opened. Good. When he saw me above him, brick high up in the air, ready to hit him with it, he dropped his phone.
I raised the brick to smash it down his face.
His eyes grew large.
“CODY, NO!” Bridie screamed.
When I looked into Scott’s eyes, I wavered.
He stared, I glared.
I willed myself to do it, to kill Scott.
But I couldn’t do it. He was still my brother.
Even though he stole my girl, even though he hurt me like no one in this world had ever hurt me, I couldn’t hurt him.
How I wished he was some other ahole at that moment.
Frustrated, I booted in the Roadster’s door three times. The door caved into him.
Scott tried to open his door, but the door wouldn’t budge.
He scrambled toward the passenger’s side and tried to open that door, but I dropped the brick and pushed the Roadster until it fell onto its side.
“What are you doing, CODY?” Bridie screamed.
With the Roadster on its side and Scott trying to boot out the BMW’s windshield, I spun around to look at Bridie.
With eyes as big as saucers, she walked backward. “Cody, stop, please!”
I walked faster. She turned and broke into a run, away from me.
There’s no way she could outrun me. I raced after her. She ran faster and in a bad move, toward my Hummer. I caught up with her and grabbed her hair.
“Where the hell are you going to, sister-in-law? Huh? We need to talk.”
“No, leave me alone!” she cried as she tried to free her hair from my fingers.
“You owe me an explanation,” I said, as I dragged her to the Hummer and shoved her into it. I got into the driver’s seat and sped off.
Behind me, Jenna, my mother, and father were running after the Hummer, screaming my name. I didn’t stop.
“Slow down, Cody!” Bridie cried.
“Why? Why should I, huh? Let us both die. Today. NOW!” I stepped on the gas.
“CODY, PLEASE STOP!” she begged.
I flashed her a mirthless smile. “Scared? Huh?”
“Why are you doing this?” She was crying now.
“Because I thought I was in a bad dream, but guess what; it’s true, my brother and my GIRL! Not a dream, honey, just my reality.”
“Why the hell are you CRYING?” I yelled.
“Cody, I don’t understand; you cheated on me. Why are you acting like you’re so cut, huh?”
“Cheated on you? What are you talking about, BRIDIE? I never cheated on you.”
“You did!”
“When? When did I cheat on you, huh? You talking about that stupid body shot? That was cheating? Huh?”
“No, not the body shot, Cody. The night of the party – you cheated with Nicole!”
“What are you talking about, Bridie? You’re hallucinating. I did not cheat with Nicole.”
“Yes, you did, Cody! I walked into your room and saw you both in bed. I left straight away.”
I shook my head in disbelief. She could lie so blatantly? Fury overtook me. I locked the steering wheel of the Hummer. It slid across the road like it was on snow.
“Today, both of us are going to die,” I warned.

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“Icould not go to sleep until I finished this book, then
I woke up the next morning to reread it again.”
“Omg I am so sleep deprived. Eve draws you into
the story from which you cannot leave until you have finished.”
“You will laugh, cry and yell with this book,
you won't be able to put it down once you start reading it!”
“I'd give it six stars if I could.”
“Steamy, hot and oh so sexy. This book is fast paced and a pleasure to read.”

book trailer

about the author

Eve Rabi lives in Sydney Australia, but she hails from South Africa.
She is the author of 20 modern-day love stories and is known for her kick-ass leading ladies, her alpha males and her ability to make you laugh and make you cry while falling in love. 
Eve is currently single and is looking for a man who resembles George Clooney (the young one, not the grey one).
He must also have the abs of Channing Tatum and the sense of humor of
Johnny Depp.
If he doesn’t have all these prerequisites, he must be willing to undergo plastic surgery to look like George (at his own expense, so he must also be loaded) and endure rigorous physical training on a daily basis to acquire a six pack.
Or have ab implants, she’s not fussy.
And most importantly, since Eve hates shallow people, he must accept her for who she is.

contact eve rabi

Please follow Eve Rabi’s Blog:
To find all Eve Rabi’s books, click on link below: 

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Henry (The Beck Brothers)


Never Miss a Chance (Kellington 2)

Black Jasmine (Lei Crime Series 3)

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Side Effects

Side Effects Blog Tour

Julia Bramer

Book Description
 September 21, 2013

"Her sweetness seeps into his soul and the ground shifts beneath him again, his primal need for her bubbling and boiling to the surface, and he makes a decision that will change his life forever, sure it’s a side effect of the Vitamin D treatment because he would never have contemplated the drastic move before it." 
The steamy tale continues as Jed and Olivia are forced to flee the country and their relationship heats up and takes an unexpected turn. From Jamaica to Brazil to New York, their journey is packed with surprising twists, dark revelations and more erotic encounters, and Jed’s decadent past tests their love and one secret will remain buried forever. 

Strong sexual content.


Jed waits for her in their bedroom, running his hands through his hair and pacing anxiously.  He has a lot to do and ticks through the list in his head, but when Olivia enters the room, peeking shyly at him with those beguiling green eyes, he is overcome by a primitive desire–an overpowering need–and he wants to fuck her–hard, his cock hardening with anticipation.  He decides the plan can wait, turns on the TV, sets the volume low and approaches her slowly.
“Olivia,” he murmurs, backing her against the wall and sniffing her hair.  “You’re so beautiful…”

Olivia’s pulse races and she locks eyes with him–dark chocolate magic–and her insides tense.
“I want to fuck you,” he whispers, his lips grazing hers.  “Can you be quiet?  Can you be absolutely silent?”
Her brows crease, doubting that’s possible, and he braces his hands on the wall and pins her to it.

“If you moan and groan and grunt, I won’t fuck you,” he warns silkily.
She wriggles against him and protests, “I don’t grunt.”
He snorts and arches a brow, planting a gentle kiss on her nose.  “Okay, you don’t grunt,” he says softly, smiling his rare, dazzling spine-tingling smile.
Olivia trembles and every sinew below her waist aches with want.  She wraps her arms around his neck and her lips seek his, but he pulls back and his dark eyes scorch into her.

“Can you do it, Olivia?  Can you be quiet?” he breathes huskily.
Olivia nods robotically, mesmerized by the wicked gleam in his eyes, and he cups her face, kisses her soundly and grinds the hard bulge beneath his jeans against her.  She suppresses a moan, but as his velvety tongue explores her mouth and his warm hands slip under the robe and burnish her flesh, caressing her breasts and tormenting her nipples, she doesn’t know if she can keep her promise.




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About Julia Bramer:

Julia Bramer is the former Executive Director of a charitable foundation in Colorado.  She has traveled the world with her husband seeking an understanding of different cultures and gathering stories. 
For many years, she has dreamed of writing tales that capture the imagination of people around the globe.  She’s the author of the contemporary erotic romance novels “The Vitamin D Treatment” and “Side Effects: The Vitamin D Treatment Finale”.

Author Interview, Dream cast, playlist etc. are already posted in the promo of The Vitamin D Treatment


Rating: 3/5

The deal with series is, if you like the first book, you will love the whole series but if you didn't hit off with the plot or characters or the story in general then nothing can save it for you. Even though the second book is better than first, I still couldn't connect with the characters.
Jed came off as a whiny boy in the first series who wants what he wants and even after the "Vitamin D Treatment" when he is supposed to have become "a better person" he is still the same "why can't she change her plans for me", "why does she have to talk about it" and "I am smitten by her because she is precious". This wouldn't have been so annoying if he wasn't self contradicting. He wants a self-assured person who does everything he says. He wants to have an honest relationship as long as she keeps her mouth shut. And though he was tripping over Olivia's innocence and calling her ex a jerk, he is worse. He has absolutely zero respect or even basic decency when it comes to women. Everyone is an obstacle, annoyance, plastic, needy, etc. He dismissed one of his ex who was in love with him as a woman who only thinks about sex. a) If she only thought about sex, she wouldn't have wanted a relationship with him. b) How can he judge a person even if that was true. All in all, I wanted to shoot him or bludgeon him to death. Ergo, I wasn't really able to support them in their "love quest". Especially because of the way Jed handled the situations regarding Ben.
As for Olivia, I think she was either over emotional, over innocent, over horny, over self sacrificing, over self centered, over self sufficient, over needy and it goes on and on.
There wasn't much of a plot just that the totally in love couple had to face obstacles which test their love. I didn't really like any of the characters and the book was pretty cliche, hence, 3/5.

Arushi Raj

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Did you know?

The term Sadism is derived from the name of French Author Marquis de Sade. He was a French Aristocrat who was extremely liberal with his sexuality and wrote many short stories and novels of hardcore erotic genre. He was incarcerated in prisons and asylums for almost 32 years of his life and wrote his novels in imprisonment.

Quotes by Marquis de Sade:

It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure.

Social order at the expense of liberty is hardly a bargain.

In order to know virtue, we must first acquaint ourselves with vice.

Books by Marquis de Sade

  1. Justine
  2. The 120 days of Sodom
  3. Juliette
  4. The crimes of love
  5. Incest
  6. Betrayal
  7. Florville and Courval

Arushi Raj

More than One Night

Note: It's 18+ due to all the things you already know about but you shouldn't know about ;-)

Author: Marie Tuhart
Genre: Erotic Romance
Rating: 3/5

In one word or to be more accurate in two words if I have to describe the book it will be "Of Course". The girl and guy sipping their drink in a bar looked at each other and there was an instant connection, an undeniable chemistry - Of Course. The guy is a billionaire and the girl works in the bar - Of Course. The girl has a troubled past because of which she builds a wall between her and the guy - Of Course. And therefore the other word I will use to describe this book is "Fairy-tale". She has a one night stand with the guy who later stalks her and then asks her to spend 24 hours with him. In real world the police would have found her body disposed somewhere probably missing some body parts that the killer kept as a trophy but "Of Course" that didn't happen.

The plot isn't very original or unique but the writing is good. "Of Course" I too fell in love with Jake, "Of course" I couldn't stop myself from rooting for them, "Of course". It's an easy read. In flight, in Dentist's waiting room or wanna devour a book before you sleep probably the one that wouldn't give you nightmares then this is it. I gave it 3 out of 5 because I liked it but I didn't love it. I wasn't excited to turn another page or know the ending. It's a smooth read but I didn't felt that nagging and all consuming need to finish the book.

Arushi Raj