Monday, 29 July 2013

The Not So Secret Emails Of Coco Pinchard (Coco Pinchard #1)

Author: Robert Bryndza
Characters: Coco Pinchard, Ethel, Daniel, Chris, Marika, Adam
Genre: Chick lit, Humour
My Rating: 5/5

I got this novel through post around 8 pm. I was really sick (viral infection) and I was locked in my room along with tomato soup. Around 10 O'clock my sickness gave way to my curiosity and I opened the book just to "Glance through". Around 2 am I was reading the last page of the book. Its not that I haven't ever completed a book in one sitting but after a very long time (4 years), I have read a book without even realizing that I am reading the book. When it was over I was actually in a state of shock and a little sad because I NEEDED to read more. After that I had read this book almost six times and the only thing that's keeping me alive is that it has a sequel and I will have it with me in 2 MORE DAYS ()

As for the story, Coco Pinchard's husband is cheating on her, she has been blacklisted by her former agent in literary world and her horrendous mother-in-law moves in. Even in midst of all the crap she has her best friends with whom she keeps in contact with her iPhone. Her tipsy mouth and her phone's auto-correct is gonna make you crazy, laughing. I had never had so much fun reading a book than I had with this one. It's a must must read. The whole novel is in a form of emails Coco sent to her friends. Hmmm makes you wonder how many books can be written about your life by compiling all your mails and messages..... :-)

Arushi Raj

Sunday, 7 July 2013

When Strangers meet by K. Hari Kumar

When Strangers meet:
BLURB (Synopsis):
What happens when an irritating but lovable wise-cracking 'Stranger' called Iyer meets a frustrated and arrogant teenager, Jai, on a fateful day in a congested room at the metro station? Catastrophe!!!
Meanwhile, Pathan never had the pleasure of happiness in his life yet he thanked Allah for every second of it... 
Abandoned by fate and friends, surrounded by responsibilities and poverty... This hard-coated man from the city of Delhi knew only thing and that was to keep faith in Allah... Now he is set on a journey to turn around his fate...

The tale from the Iyer's past will change Pathan's present and Jai's future... And trust me... 
Sometimes all it takes is a stranger's tale to change the track of your life...

Three Men... One fateful day... and a Story of a Lifetime...

Interview with the Author:

K. Hari Kumar is a 24-year old Indian author and independent filmmaker. 
A little info about you and your book
My book, 'When Strangers meet..' is a light hearted satire with a heavy tint of suspense. It talks about generation gap and problems faced by our youth from three different strata of our society.

What inspired you to write it?
A chance encounter with a stranger sometime back in my life.

When did you decided to became a writer? why?
It was by pure passion and fascination to fascinate those who read or listen.

Three things you like and hate about being a writer.
The very fact that I can be anyone and anything I want to is the best part of it... Sometimes you can't get out of the shades of a particular character and that's the worst.

Which genre you like to read and write?
Thrillers are my favorite with occasional light reads.

Do you have a place where you just lock yourself and write?
My jukebox!

Your favorite character in the book?
Pathan and Iyer are my favorite. Pathan is a character who symbolizes the one who has firm belief in God, finds optimism in the darkest of hours. While Iyer, being the prime protagonist carries the story on his shoulder, the one who laughs his way through life.

Arushi Raj