Monday, 25 March 2013

Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz

Plot: Schuyler belongs from an extremely old and used-to-be-rich family but now they are borderline poor and she is the only girl in Duchesne who can't afford designer clothes. Her best friend Oliver is the only one she seems to be spending her time with but all that changes when she meets Jack (Benjamin Hamilton Force). She doesn't know what is it about Jack that takes her breath away but she seems to forget everything in his presence.

It's not a bad book, it may even be good but the sad part is that it has a potential to be a GREAT book. The concept of Fallen Angels living on Earth as Vampires is so unique and interesting but the way it's dealt with is downright crazy. It is more like a bunch of rich teenage Vampires in Gossip Girl instead of rich human teenagers. The characters do not have anything new or unique about them and the storytelling is a complete mess. It would have been so much better if the connection between the legendary angels and the vampires were elaborated or even some majestic or magical atmosphere was created around the characters. Also, the soul mates stuff could have been intensified. The love between the twins, the blood bound of the angels/vampire could have been more seductive and formidable. 

But it is a fascinating novel and hopefully it will become more interesting and sexy in it's sequels.

PS: I am not sure but I think Oliver have a crush on Schuyler.

Arushi Raj

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